The Cognita Home Games brings our school communities together

What a fantastic week! The first Cognita Home Games involved 67 schools, over 10,000 students and their families and nearly 45,000 medals across our three regions. All during lockdown.

From star jumps and sock rolls to press-ups and dribbling skills, our amazing Cognita staff, students and families have trained hard and tried their best, all with a big smile (or sheer look of determination) on their faces. The sense of community, purpose and pride have been shining through as our athletes competed for their school, office and region.

Beth Kerr, Group Wellbeing Director and overall organiser of the Games, said: “Well done and a huge thank you to all those who got involved, and congratulations to all our winners. I can honestly say that I have never been prouder to work for Cognita – I think we have the best staff, students and parents in the world. It’s great to show that being active can be fun and I hope that we have inspired our communities to keep this going for their own wellbeing during lockdown. I’m sure that Team Asia and Team LatAm will be looking forward to a rematch next year!”

The winners of the Cognita Home Games 2020 were:
The region with the highest number of students participating online at the same time (1,021): Team Asia
The only region to have had every single school involved in the event: Team LatAm
Highest participating region: Team Europe
Highest participating school: Duncombe School
Highest scoring region: Team Europe
Highest scoring school: Downsend School

Watch our closing ceremony video here and our highlights video below.


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