St Clare’s A Level Chemistry pupils’ trip to Bath University

Written by: St Clare’s School

On March 5th years 12 and 13 chemistry visited the City of Bath and the University of Bath. It was a cultural morning with the pupils and staff (Mrs Barnard, Miss Phillips and Mr Cole) visiting various local attractions such as Bath Abbey and the famous ‘Fudge Kitchen’ shop where we were able to see fudge being produced. We had a lovely pie-based lunch before heading up to the University for a tour led by Mr Cole. We even bumped into some past pupils from St. Clare’s who are now students at Bath University.

The afternoon was spent in the university’s chemistry laboratories, with the pupils attempting (rather successfully) a 1st year practical experiment. The pupils separated two very similar chemicals using various reactions and scientific techniques and then used a variety of analytical techniques to work out what they were. Year 13 had a tour of the more analytical side of chemistry, looking at the extremely expensive equipment such as H1 NMR and mass spectrometry.

We departed from the university at 5.30pm to get on the bus for our extremely quiet and relaxed (worn out!) journey home. It was a fantastic trip and the University staff were very impressed by the St Clare’s pupils’ skills in the lab. Behaviour was exemplary, reflecting our high standards no matter where we are! Well done, sixth form!

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