Speakers from Cognita schools confirmed for The Telegraph Festival of Education

We are proud to announce that two Cognita headteachers have been chosen to deliver talks at The Telegraph Festival of Education this June. This event is a showcase for the United Kingdom’s most forward thinking advocates of education.

Jonathan Taylor, Founding Head of North Bridge House School in Canonbury, London will be delivering a talk entitled, Men are from Mars, women from Venus. What planet are teenagers from?

Teenagers are different. A wealth of scientific evidence has confirmed what many teachers suspected: teenage brains function differently to children or adults. Yet teaching practice has lagged behind the science. My school decided to change that by inviting in sleep experts, neurologists and mental health experts to help us understand how whole school and classroom practice teaching could be informed by the latest scientific developments. I’d like to share what we learnt and how other schools could benefit from the introduction of similar practical strategies.

Brodie Bibby, Head of North Bridge House Preparatory School in London will be delivering a talk entitled Kant in the classroom: why philosophy should be taught to eight-year-olds

Brodie Bibby, Head of North Bridge House Preparatory School, a Cognita school in LondonVery young children have no problem grappling with the most profound issues: right or wrong, real or imagined, life – or death. Every teacher has had children ask questions like ‘Why are we here?’ or ‘Why are we more important than animals?’ Teaching children to reason, enquire and think for themselves is an essential component of education. It also changes teachers’ style and technique in the classroom more generally. I share how my school is embedding philosophy from Year 3 onwards and why a whole-school approach is the answer.

To find out more about the Telegraph Festival of Education, you can visit the website here.


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