SIS Inspection Report Confirms Outstanding Teaching at Meoncross School

Written by: Meoncross School

It has been six years since the last inspection and the publication of the SIS Inspection Report today reinforces the tremendous progress made that builds on the success of the last report.

Amongst the many highlights of the report, the quality of teaching and assessment is recognised as outstanding with half the teaching observed of an outstanding quality.The organisation of the curriculum is excellent and has outstanding features, including the co-curricular programme of actitivities. The school has an ethos of high expectations, encouragement and praise that builds the confidence and self-esteem of pupils and gives them strong motivation to succeed.

In the Lower School, the Inspectors acknowledged the quality and standards of the Early Years provision as outstanding and added that the outdoor activities provision is enriched by afternoon trips to the beach, know as ‘Beach School’.

Another satisfying outcome is the recognition that the assessment procedures and the monitoring of pupils’ progress are rigorous and teachers’ expectations of what pupils can achieve are high. Pupils respond readily to every opportunity for learning, they make very good progress as they move through the school, and many work above the expected standards.

Moreover, relationships between staff and pupils are excellent, pupils said they love the way their teachers challenge them and the harmonious family atmosphere of the school, whilst the quality of welfare and safeguarding, and of health and safety in the school is excellent. The Headmistress leads a united and reflective staff, who share a common sense of purpose, driven forward by ambitious aims for improvement.

To read a copy of the Inspection Report, download it here.


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