Woodland Happy Valley Pre-School

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Telephone: 2575 0042

G/F, 2 Hawthorn Road, Happy Valley

ABOUT Woodland Happy Valley Pre-School

Fulfilling every child’s potential since 1978.

Our mission is to nurture the infinite potential in each child with respect and love, and to ensure that they are well prepared for primary school.

Since 1978 Woodland sets the standard for quality international pre-school education. Our 9 schools are located in 8 convenient locations across Hong Kong. We provide both Traditional and Montessori teaching approaches, offering English, bilingual and Pure Mandarin classes. All Woodland teachers are qualified, early years educators and come from a range of overseas backgrounds – giving the schools a genuine international flavour.

Our traditional schools are accredited by the ‘Pre-School Learning Alliance’, and our Montessori schools are the only group of pre-schools accredited by the ‘Montessori Evaluation & Accreditation’ Board in the Greater China region.


Tracey Emms
Head of School

Tracey joined as Head of School at Happy Valley in December 2020.
She has worked with children for 40 years in various countries as a practitioner and manager.

Tracey believes strongly in inclusive education and that early years an important stage within a child’s life where nurture and support are essential.

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Ages Taught
0-6 yrs
English National Curriculum
Type of School
Day School
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