School Spotlight: Stamford American International School in Singapore

We are incredibly proud of our diverse global community of over 100 schools. Each school retains its own approach, values and specialisms based on the needs of their local communities while all our schools share our common purpose to develop students who will thrive in a rapidly evolving world. 

Our new School Spotlight series showcases what makes our global community so special, shining a light on the individual strengths of our exceptional learning environments and understanding the benefits of being part of our wider community. We start with Stamford American International School (SAIS) in Singapore.  

Stamford American International School in Singapore has an incredibly diverse student and staff population, representing over 70 countries around the world. Through their school value of compassion, students quickly learn to embrace and respect different cultures, beliefs and perspectives – an essential attribute to take forward as global citizens. One of the most special cultural events at SAIS is Lunar New Year in January, where students and staff participate in drumming lines, Lion dances, and learning about the importance of the celebration in all classes at all levels.

SAIS offers an outstanding English as an Additional Language (EAL) program, providing a unique environment that has students integrated into the mainstream classroom and supported by dedicated EAL experts. EAL students are taught by highly qualified subject teachers along with highly qualified English Language Acquisition teachers. Every EAL student has at least one EAL teacher who supports them throughout the year as they move towards independence in English.  The school sees rapid language growth from their EAL students due to their wrap-around services and focus on co-planning and co-teaching.

One of the school’s key strengths is their ability to offer multiple pathways for students to follow, including the International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP) or BTEC programmes. Students can follow their own pathway to success while also enjoying the many offerings that are available for enrichment.

The school is particularly proud of their Reagan theatre – a 500-seat, fully operational theatre which allows many people from the wider community to come and view incredible drama productions and other arts performances.

Deputy Principal Kristi Fowler gave a great example of seeing the school values in action: “I recently witnessed a Grade 7 Physical and Health Education class. Our students were participating in an acrobatics and gymnastics event and they were tasked to create a performance which would show how well they could plan together, demonstrate how they work as a team and implement the physical skills they were learning. Because we’re such a diverse school, we have students with all kinds of different learning needs, including students with exceptionalities. One of these groups of 7th Grade students went out of their way to make sure a student with an exceptionality was included in their group. Although it was very challenging for the group and for the student with an exceptionality, they had this performance which was really well crafted and well-planned and you could really tell they worked hard as a team. I think those students really embody our values of compassion and courage.”

Talking about Cognita, Kristi says: “As an educator, one benefit of being part of Cognita is the global network. It allows me as a professional and my team to grow and learn from other professionals around the world at events like CogCon.” You can find out more about CogCon here.

Learn more about Stamford American International School in their school video here. Thank you to SAIS for sharing a snapshot of your school. We’re so proud to have you as part of our Cognita community! 



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