Distinctly Australian sport at AIS

Sport plays a central role in our schools and the Australian International School in Singapore is no exception. This video explores how AIS draws on its Australian heritage and roots to offer a distinctive sports programme that stretches students of all abilities.

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Top Marks for Enrichment at Quinton House

Character-building creative and sporting activities ranging from glass painting and Tae-Kwon-Do to Formula One and film production are key elements of the long tradition of extra-curricular learning that enriches studies at Quinton House School in Northampton, UK. The school places huge emphasis on learning outside the classroom either to enhance the knowledge students already have or enable them to sample different elements of the curriculum – be that genealogy sessions or trips to Hadrian’s Wall and Ypres or a three-day ‘Bushcraft’ residential to broaden young people’s horizons.

“The breadth of the programme provides our pupils with variety and excitement,” says Suzanne Macken, who leads the Senior School’s extra-curricular activities. “Pupils are passionate about learning and endeavour to try their best in all that they do and the programme allows them to fulfil their enthusiasm for developing different skills, exploring and discovering.” One parent says her children have been encouraged to do things ‘out of their comfort zones’ which has helped them grow and achieve at QHS. “It has a family atmosphere and offers you an all-round pupil at the end of their education. When we first came to view the school, we saw the children were allowed to go out and play in heavy snow. It might sound silly but the fact that they let the children be children was very important.”

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