Chile schools pursue bilingual path

Teaching in English is a common feature of most Cognita schools worldwide. In 2016, our schools in Chile will be introducing English World, a bilingual stream, to their Early Years programmes. The move to a bilingual approach, using the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) programme, will mean children are immersed in English from the start of their school years, enabling them to absorb it as native speakers do.

“English has always been central to our teaching but is even more important now with the expansion in communication technologies,” says Tatiana Bustos Vega, Bilingual Projects Coordinator for Cognita in Chile and co-leader of the project with Claudia Lüer Mas, English Coordinator. “To use Skype, social media or any other communication technology properly, our students need to be able to speak English fluently so they can connect with the rest of the world.” The IPC is a holistic programme which teaches English through project work, adds Claudia. “We believe it’s a very good methodology for bilingual education as it integrates the subjects. Children have opportunity to speak, produce and present in English and generally use the language in a more real way.” The bilingual stream will run alongside a rich extra-curricular programme in English also offered by Cognita’s Chile schools. It includes Living English, a workshop led by a native speaker that teaches communication skills, and a British camp with two weeks of outdoor and indoor activities in English. Older students can also participate in ExPro, Cognita’s exchange programme which provides immersion in the daily life of a student in another country.

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