Instituto GayLussac achieves top ranking in Brazilian exam

Instituto GayLussac is celebrating another set of outstanding results by students in Brazil’s annual National High School Exam (ENEM).

According to the 2015 ENEM results, Instituto GayLussac is the top-ranking institution in Niterói for schools boasting a high student retention rate (above 60 percent). Instituto GayLussac’s top position in 2015 follows consistently high performance in the ENEM in previous years; it is among the 10 best schools in the state of Rio de Janeiro and the 50 best schools in Brazil overall.

Considered the most important exam of its kind in Brazil, the ENEM is used both as an admission test for enrollment in 23 federal universities and 26 educational institutes, as well as for certification for a high school degree. The test is also used by students to gain points in Brazil’s federal scholarship programme, Programa Universidade para Todos.
Commenting on this year’s results, Luiza Sassi, Principal of Instituto GayLussac, said: “We are particularly proud because this result repeats our consistent performance over the years in ENEM exams. To be aware of and closely monitor the learning of each student, and also the educational processes of the school, are key actions that need to be taken to achieve good results in external examinations.”

She continued: “I would also attribute this accomplishment to our way of working, which brings together the continuous analysis of performance with an ongoing quest to innovate.”

Marcello Rangel, High School Coordinator, added: “Each year the results ensure that our students, subjected to different types of internal and external evaluation, keep up with the challenges of the most competitive careers in 21st century Brazil. We support our students to try out for Olympiads and National tests from elementary school onwards.”


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