How to support children with the return to school

As many primary schools across the UK start to reopen to students and staff, our Group Director of Wellbeing Beth Kerr spoke to ITV News about how parents can deal with their own anxieties and how they can best support their children with the transition back into school life.

Beth said: “It is natural parents would feel anxious and uncertain. All those sorts of emotions are totally normal. It’s just about working with the school to try to prepare parents and children for that return.” She added: “So much has happened in the past two, three months for children, they have to have some time to process that. You can prepare children by having good routines at home. We were fortunate enough to do a video podcast with Professor Tanya Byron and she was talking about this. To manage anxiety and to bring it down get back into the school routine, the sleep, the activity – all those things we know are good for wellbeing – and by doing that gradually children will get used to the process of actually going back to school.”

You can watch Beth’s full conversation with ITV News here.


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