Hastings School Madrid achieves impressive 29% A*-A Grades in A Levels

Written by: Hastings School

A Level Results Highlights

  • 100% pass rate
  • 29% A*-A grades
  • 58% A*-B grades
  • 80% A* to C grades

These results represent yet another successful and hardworking year from both our students and teachers. Each A level subject area, bar one, contained at least one student who earned an A* or A grade, but once again Ms Carruthers’ artists led the way with 9 out of 9 A*/A grades for A level Art & Design.

Leaver Destinations Reflect Global Outlook of Hastings Students

Our leaver’s destinations reflect a particularly versatile and global-minded group of graduates. One student will study International Studies at Leiden University in Holland; one will study Hospitality Management at BHMS in Switzerland, and another won a scholarship to study Film Production at Izmir University in Turkey. Three young ladies will go to the USA. Respectively, they will study Exercise Science & Dance at Akron, Forensic Archaeology at Mercyhurst, and Music Composition at Berkeley College of Music (in Boston).

The usual crop of students have elected to stay in Madrid to go to university and between them they will study courses such as medicine, engineering, law, marketing, and business management.

The courses and universities our leavers will study in the UK include: Economics at Bristol, Architecture at Bath, International Relations at St Andrews, Graphic Design at Loughborough, Human Sciences at Durham, Fashion Management at The London College of Fashion, English Literature & History at Queen Mary, Journalism at Cardiff, Criminology & French at Exeter, Architecture at Kent, Architecture at Brighton, Mathematics at Glasgow, and Software Engineering at Glasgow. Also this year we have three students who are planning gap years before re-applying to university next year. They have plans to complete voluntary work in Costa Rica and in Africa, to obtain driving licenses, to start a channel on youtube, to study to raise an A level grade or two, and one will train to teach yoga by passing an instructor’s course in Goa, India.

We wish all of our graduates the very best of luck wherever they are and whatever they do. They all know that there is a small school in Madrid full of teachers wishing them well. They know it is a place they will be welcome to return to at any time.

David Morrison


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