Cognita students buck national GCSE results trend once again under new grading structure

Students from Cognita schools offering the GCSE curriculum are celebrating today, with an impressive 10% of all grades awarded at the prestigious Grade 9 in the new reformed GCSEs. Nationally (UK) only around 3% of grades awarded are expected to be at this new level that differentiates the very highest attaining students.

Cognita students also achieved double the national average of 7+ grades (equivalent to the former A grade and above) across all subjects, with an average 41% of grades at 7+, compared to the national average of 20.5%.

In English Language and Maths, Cognita students achieved:

  • 32% of Grade 7+ results, compared to an average of 14% nationally in English Language
  • 40% of Grade 7+ results, compared to an average of 15% nationally in Maths

The results of Oscar Brogen at North Bridge House Senior School & Sixth Form Canonbury in London are just one example of our students’ exceptional achievements in the 2018 examinations. Oscar achieved nine GCSEs at the very highest Grade 9, as well as two A*s in unreformed subjects (those still marked under the former GCSE grading structure). 27% of all grades awarded at North Bridge House Canonbury were a Grade 9.

This is the second year of reform for English Language, English Literature and Mathematics with the 9-1 grading scale in England. Another 20 reformed subjects (taking the total to 23) have been assessed this year, including a new Double Award in Science.

The new 9-1 grading system and reformed qualifications were introduced to provide updated and more challenging content and better to differentiate at the top end of student performance.

Stuart Rolland, Cognita’s Chief Executive Europe, said, “We are so proud that Cognita students continue to buck the national trend which shows a flat trajectory under the new grading structure. These outstanding results are testament to the hard work and dedication of both the students and their teachers. We wish our students every success as they prepare to take their next steps towards future studies and exciting careers.”

The GCSE (British National Curriculum) is taught in many of Cognita’s 70 different schools across the world, particularly in the UK and Spain. Other curricula taught in our schools include the American Curriculum, Australian Curriculum and International Baccalaureate where outcomes are similarly well above national and international averages.


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