Cognita opens world-class Early Learning Village in Singapore

Cognita Early Learning Village in Singapore, a collaboration between AIS and SAIS

Two Cognita schools in Singapore – Australian International School (AIS) and Stamford American International School (SAIS) – today celebrated the grand opening of their world-class Early Learning Village. The innovative new shared campus has been designed specifically for children aged 18 months to six years old and is the first in the world on this scale for Early Years education.

Among the shared facilities between the two schools in the Village are various multifunctional spaces thoughtfully designed with young children in mind, such as a 20-metre swimming pool which adapts to the competencies of the little swimmers – 10 short horizontal lanes for beginners, and four longer lanes lengthwise for more confident swimmers, and an indoor, air-conditioned gymnasium for their acclaimed SMART Steps specialist physical education classes and after-school enrichment.

The swimming pool at Cognita's Early Learning Village in Singapore

Sir Kevan Collins, Chairman of Cognita’s Education Advisory Board and Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation said, “Research clearly shows that investment in Early Years doesn’t just give children the best start to their education, it gives them the best start for life. It’s also at the heart of Cognita’s ground breaking Early Learning Village in Singapore. With its innovative design and scale, the Early Learning Village is a timely addition to international school provision on the island.”

During the opening ceremony, Michael Drake, CEO of Cognita Asia said, “The Early Learning Village is the product of an exciting collaboration between two of our schools and educational experts. We are proud to offer an unparalleled Early Learning Village that reflects our modern and innovative approach, at a scale unlike anywhere else in the world for children in their vital pre-school years.”

Inspired by the world-famous Reggio Emilia philosophy incorporating the environment as a third teacher in its architecture, interior design and curriculum, the Village represents a revolutionary step in early childhood education where this age group is the first and only thought. The campus is designed by award-winning Bogle Architects in collaboration with Gary Moore, Professor of Environmental Behavioural studies at Sydney University, and Rosie Long, a Reggio Emilia Early Years Education specialist, to include specific architectural and design elements that elevate the early learning experience.

“We understand the importance of early years education and have created inspired spaces for the benefit of our young students, as well as distinctly different in terms of the school’s curriculum and character,” Drake added.

Each corner of the Village caters to the growing and developing child, with changing discovery spaces attached to every classroom which empower young learners to play to their strengths and interests. Their learning experience also extends beyond the classroom where they can choose from specialty co-curricular activities such as gymnastics, ballet, sports, drama and language-learning, amongst many others.

Early Years discovery spaces at Cognita's Early Learning Village in Singapore


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