Cognita launches “12 Days of Twitter” challenge for global educators

Have you considered joining Twitter but aren’t sure where to start?

This December, Cognita is inviting educators all over the world to take on the “12 Days of Twitter” challenge to start using the platform for networking and professional development.

There will be a different task to complete each day between 1st and 12th December:

1st December – Create your own Twitter account and upload a profile picture

2nd December – Search and follow teachers/colleagues to build your PLN (Cognita colleagues on Twitter can get you started)

3rd December – Tweet about your favourite app to use with students

4th December – Tweet a link to a video you have used in your classroom

5th December – Tweet about the best thing to happen this term/semester

6th December – Tweet the one item you would love in your classroom that you don’t have now

7th December – Tweet about your favourite app to use professionally

8th December – Retweet some of your favourite tweets from colleagues

9th December – Tweet a photo of your favourite area in school

10th December – Tweet about your favourite educational book or blog

11th December – Tweet a ‘shout out’ to a deserving colleague for their hard work this term/semester

12th December – Tweet one goal you have for your students, classroom or school for next term/semester

To find out more about our team of Cognita educators, many of whom are already using Twitter to great effect, visit our Staff Stories page.


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