Cognita Headteachers join together to debate key education priorities

Latest research into educational performance and leadership took centre stage last week as Cognita’s school leaders from all over the world gathered in the UK for the Cognita Leading Education 2016 conference.

The connections made and opportunities created to share knowledge have been immense and it was a valuable experience for everyone involved.

Chris Jansen, Group Chief Executive Officer of Cognita, led the four-day programme, which focussed on Cognita’s educational vision as well as the key themes of high performance in schools, character education, leadership, personalised learning and people growth in an educational context. Sessions were led by a dynamic mix of Cognita’s own educational experts such as Simon Camby, Director of Education for Europe, and external keynote speakers including:

·         Andy Buck, educational leadership guru, author of Leadership Matters and Managing Director of the specialist website for education professionals by the same name

·         Sir Kevan Collins, Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation and expert on the use of evidence-based research to improve educational outcomes

·         Sir Clive Woodward, the World Cup winning Head Coach who led England’s rugby players to World Cup glory in Australia in 2003

“Cognita is an incredibly diverse group of schools around the world,” said Chris Jansen. “Our educational leaders have extensive expertise in a wide range of curricula and educational areas. This conference has enabled our people to collaborate and share their deep knowledge of educational best practice so that all our schools can benefit.”

Ralph Kugler, Chairman of Cognita, summed up the experience with the words: “I’m delighted to see education front and centre and I’m inspired by what our Head Teachers and Principals can achieve through leadership, something I believe in passionately. I want to thank everybody for their fantastic participation and the huge work that they do to make us the global schools group that we are – with even higher ambitions for the future.”



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