Cognita headteacher on GCSE reform in England and Wales

Simon Antwis, Headmaster of St Clare's School, a Cognita school in Wales

Simon Antwis, Headmaster of Cognita’s St Clare’s School in Porthcawl, has spoken to Wales Online about parents’ lack of confidence in Wales’ new GCSEs and the school’s decision for its students to sit English GCSEs.

Speaking to Wales Online, Mr Antwis said, “We consulted all stakeholders and parents came in for an evening when I presented cases for both. I think parents’ confidence in the Welsh GCSEs was not as high as for the English GCSEs….I think parents have seen the statistics produced across Wales in numeracy and literacy and the GCSE results for them are lower. I think the opinion was that the English GCSEs were higher standard.

“I was concerned my staff were not getting the training or resources required in either new qualification (from England or Wales),” he continues, “but because I belong to a group predominately of English schools (owned by Cognita), I could pool resources and expertise.”

You can read the full article including more in-depth quotes from Mr Antwis on the Wales Online website: This is why private schools in Wales chose to put pupils through England’s GCSEs


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