Your child's wellbeing

Resources for Families

A selection of wellbeing resources for families including our Be Well Comments series offering advice and tips, as well as expert videos.

Tips and Advice for Families

Watch Prof Tanya Byron's advice on the return to school

View Beth Kerr discussing the return to school on ITV News

Read our tips for parents on the return to school

Discover our tips for talking to your child about coronavirus

Learn how to make screen time and technology work for your family

View our return to school tips on sleep

Useful Links and Resources during School Closures

As some of our school buildings around the world remain closed, here you will find some links to useful resources to support wellbeing during school closures.

Educational activities


With Grandparents

Reading lists and recommendations

Wellbeing and mental health advice

What you need to know about sleep

Cognita’s Group Wellbeing Director Beth Kerr talks to Dr Matthew Walker, leading sleep scientist and author of Why We Sleep.


The Cognita community explores healthy living with TV Doctor and author Rangan Chatterjee.

The Teenage Brain

An animated learning video for adolescents, created with University College London brain expert Dr Emma Kilford.

Screen Time and Social Media

Cognita’s Group Wellbeing Director Beth Kerr offers advice and guidance for parents on the thorny issue of social media and screen time.

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