Celebrations in Brazil at the Cognita LatAm Conference

Cognita LatAm Conference and Awards 2017

From 3-4th October, colleagues from Brazil and Chile met in Rio de Janeiro for the Cognita LatAm Conference 2017.

The aim of the conference was for Cognita educators to network and exchange ideas but it was also a time to celebrate the quality of education in LatAm. Awards were presented to professionals from our schools that have shown academic excellence or a great pedagogical/administrative support, becoming an example and inspiration to everyone. This year’s winners are:

  • Audrey Piccioli Xavier (PlayPen Bilingual Education – Brazil) – Teaching/Preschool
  • Madelheyn Patricia Awad Onel (Manquecura Valle Lo Campino – Chile) – Teaching/Primary
  • Paul Guillermo Hermosilla Ponce (Pumahue Huechuraba – Chile) – Teaching/Middle School
  • Maria Angelina Teixera (Instituto GayLussac – Brazil) – Educational Support
  • Fernanda Pino Aguilera (Desarrollos Educacionales – Chile) – Central Office
  • Marlene Elizabeth Muñoz Aguilerada (Pumahue Huechuraba – Chile) – Safeguarding
  • Eliana Maria Salgado Guimarães (Instituto GayLussac – Brazil) – Employee trajectory

Josep Caubet, Cognita’s CEO for Latin America, said:
“The LatAm Conference is an annual event we have in our region to take stock of the achievements of our schools and staff. It is also an excellent opportunity to look at the latest educational thinking and to share best practice across our schools. I would like to congratulate the winners of this year’s awards and look forward to another inspiring year in the LatAm region.”


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