By continuously striving for excellence in our schools, we help children achieve beyond expectations.

We recognise this challenge and plan the remuneration packages for our people accordingly.

We also invest in our staff to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver excellence, whether their role is in the classroom or in providing wider support in a school or in one of our regional offices.

Cognita Schools leadership

What we offer

Our employees enjoy a comprehensive range of benefits, not least professional development incentives that can see their talents and efforts being transformed into vibrant and rewarding careers. We do this through a number of formal and informal methods, such as:

Leadership conferences – The diverse scope of schools and people within Cognita provide you with a network of like-minded peers to discuss key issues and share best practice.

Work-related conferences, seminars, tuition and professional subscriptions – We believe building professional knowledge and practice should extend beyond Cognita. We encourage and support our people in such activities.

Coaching, mentoring and networking in the workplace – Whether formal or informal, training activity of this kind has an important role in the range of development we offer our people.

From one Cognita school in the UK to a new one in Hong Kong

Victoria Walvis was teaching at North Bridge House Canonbury Senior School & Sixth Form in London when a group of exchange students from Chile inspired her to seek opportunities abroad. She has since moved to Hong Kong and is one of 12 teachers who have joined the brand new Stamford American - Hong Kong from Cognita schools around the world.

I am from London, although I have lived in many different countries, including Singapore, Japan, Mexico and Spain. I was internationally educated for part of my primary schooling, so I feel that I can empathise with a lot of the kids at Stamford American – Hong Kong. I became a teacher after graduating in 2010 and moved to Hong Kong two months ago. I think there are so many opportunities that come with working for a global organisation – I would not have known about the Hong Kong opportunity had it not been for my contacts within the Cognita group. Living in Hong Kong is immensely interesting and sometimes disorientating! I now love my neighbourhood: I walk past shrines and people doing Tai Chi on my way to work, so I feel like even a regular work day is exciting. My time at Stamford so far has been hectic, challenging, but rewarding at the same time. I have been inspired most by my colleagues who are all amazingly qualified and passionate about what they do. I think joining a new school gives you a chance to be instrumental in building a culture and a learning environment from scratch. You have a good idea, and you can actually implement it yourself, immediately, and see its positive effect on the students right away. I like the idea of helping to change the educational landscape in Hong Kong, which Stamford is doing.

From Nursery Assistant to National Conference Speaker

Julia Hallett joined Long Close School in the UK in 1998 as a Nursery Assistant. 18 years later, she is a Key Stage 1 teacher who has presented to hundreds of peers at a national education conference.

I have always enjoyed working with children. I left college with my National Nursery Examination Board Diploma in 1997 and began working at Long Close School the following September as a Nursery Assistant. The senior nursery teachers encouraged me to use my own initiative and to develop my artistic skills in the classroom. I decided to study to be a teacher as I wanted a challenge and was keen to to see how the children progressed after leaving the Nursery. Cognita helped me achieve my ambition. I studied Mathematics and Science in evening classes, followed by a two-year Foundation Degree in Early Childhood Education. I graduated with honours from Reading University in 2014 and then completed my Independent PGCE at Buckingham University. This prepared me for my first teaching role in Key Stage 1 at Long Close School. As I reflect on the past 18 years, I can think of many highlights but I am always thrilled when a child achieves something after much persistence and hard work. Seeing their eyes light up as they realise they can accomplish something they didn't think they could is always a highlight. Last year, Long Close introduced the Firefly Learning platform to staff and parents. This virtual learning environment provided me with an area to support parents at home to further their children’s learning or completing homework. We use blog posts to update parents on everyday develops parents’ understanding of their children's learning. This led to Firefly approaching me to speak at their conference in September 2016. I was honoured to be asked and relished the experience. I recently completed my Apple Teacher training online to learn how to utilise apps to create inspirational lessons. I am still as ambitious as the day I walked through the gates of Long Close School as a Nursery Assistant. I am grateful to Cognita for helping me get to the position where I can do just that.

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