Schools of all different curricula, size and age range have joined the Cognita family, whether they were formerly individual trusts, proprietor-owned or operating as part of a group. The most important thing is that school owners share our commitment to providing a high-quality education firmly rooted in the principles of building excellence and seeking continuous improvement.

Since our formation in 2004, we have developed a strong track record of early investment into our newly acquired schools. With this support they can thrive and improve the already high standards of education and care they provide.

How our schools benefit

We work closely with school owners to ensure the smooth integration of their schools into our Group, first developing a firm understanding of each school and the local environment, the aspirations of parents, students and staff, and by developing a shared view on the potential for each school’s development over the long term. To do this, we draw upon our strong management teams and internal experts in the key areas of education leadership and quality assurance, child safety, human resources, facilities, estates planning, finance, IT and marketing.

What Cognita offers:

We preserve the ethos, values and culture of each school from the moment they join our group

We seek to recruit, retain and further develop excellent teachers and school leaders so that our schools can continue to develop and improve student outcomes

We target investment in facilities and the academic environment to provide the best possible student experience – inside and outside of the classroom

We utilise the skills and expertise of the educators within our diverse group of schools, sharing best practice and encouraging knowledge transfer between schools of different types

We support our schools by providing professional expertise in all areas of teaching and school management

We provide opportunities for teachers and students to explore different cultures and school environments through academic and cultural exchanges between our schools

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